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The Illustrious World of Dougie

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January 13th, 2008

03:46 pm - Don't forget me!
I encourage all of you to come over to my new blog. I don't plan to use livejournal actively. So don't forget me.


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January 2nd, 2008

12:36 pm - Moving Blog to Wordpress
I am moving my blog to wordpress. It's time for change.

I've imported most of my entries from lj to wordpress, and I made an introductory post.

Here is the new address:


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December 28th, 2007

10:50 pm - Yes, I'm gay.
Yes, I'm gay.

Everyone knows it.

And if school administrators expect me to cover up this rather-obvious fact, fuck them.

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09:04 pm - Fuck you. Fuck me.
Public education is really fucked.

What am I to do about it?

I return to high school teaching in January. Let's hope I do something right.

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October 29th, 2007

06:32 pm
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over history right now, bleh.

On the agenda for the week

office hours
Paper on womanist theology work among black slaves crap due
try to read another third gender book
walther seminar
middle ground reading... more more more

wake up early and grade for history class
history class
order food for seminar... Chinese? Mexican?
cram hall of mirrors into an afternoon
go to class
middle ground reading... draft of PLOT SUMMARY

* avoids upstreaming... acknowledges "fragments" when only available
* includes a wide range of sources: french, english, algonquian, etc...
* complicates the narrative
* recenters indians as central
* complicates the hegemony of colonialism... not completely assymetrical; "mediation"
* therefore, resists ideology of whites as good guys or whites as ultimate villains
* not teleological; shows ways things could have gone differently (see gifts part of chapter one)
write the thingie for seminar
go to seminar
call principal... what's the deal with spring semester

class in the morning
DALE DYNAMO friday evening
get drunk

read another third gender book
3 books--- start writing paper

begin walther writing... EEP!

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October 23rd, 2007

10:27 am - In the library, avoiding work...
Right now, I'm in one of the confessionals on the sixth floor of the library... I'm doing my best to do anything that isn't on task. This morning, I should be working on a review essay on Betty Wood's "Men's Work, Women's Work." While I enjoyed the accessibility of the text, I did not find it compelling. Bleh bleh bleh, etc...

I tried to get hot cable this weekend, but our connection keeps flaking. I guess that's how things go in the "informal" economic sector.

I'm debating on going to the Dallas vs. Dynamo game in Frisco this weekend. If not, we'll just go to a sports bar to watch it.

It's cool outside... yes... But everyone is walking around in fifty layers of clothing... Either they're overreacting, or they've been dying to pull out the new trends in this year's winter-wear, which, btw, is only useful for, say, three days of the year in Houston.


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August 10th, 2007

08:05 pm - One week left
I only have one week left of freedom. Beginning August 20, I return to the IVORY TOWERS to pursue graduate work in history. While I'm really excited about this transition, it is also anxiety-provoking at the same time. My previous undergraduate and graduate work does not involve any actual history coursework. For this reason, I am grateful that the department actually took me in the first place. While I have a strong social science background (poli sci + sociology), I'm quite concerned about the intellectual shift required to engage in historical studies. I welcome the challenge, but I also do recognize that it will truly be a CHALLENGE.

For almost my entire life, I absolutely hated studying history in any academic setting. My God(dess), EVERY SINGLE DAMN history course I took was somewhere between disgustingly boring to barely (and I mean barely!) tolerable. Most generica history texts are certainly the same way.

I know that "doing history" will be more exciting, though.

And, I have grown rather fond of history over the last four years. I never meant to teach history in the first place. See, when I did my MAT work, I choose SOCIAL SCIENCE COMPOSITE, given my background in sociology and political science. Upon graduation, I took a teaching job as a world geography teacher. I absolutely loved teaching the course from a highly cultural perspective (as opposed to the usual HS geography experience of coloring maps and memorizing place names.) Both my PAP and "regular" classes were pretty cool, I thought.

The following year, however, proved interesting. We had a significant staffing shortage at the school, and no one seemed to be willing to step up to the challenging of teaching world history (as it would also involve teaching AP World History.) I welcomed the challenge, attended a rather robust AP World History institute, and I was off teaching the course. I was a bit haphazard my first year of teaching the course, but I still felt like the students walked away with a changed perspective on world history. And, as AP dictates, I was thrilled that I taught a course entirely NON-EUROCENTRIC in nature.

And thus, I taught the course for two more years. I've learned MUCH MUCH world history over the past years. And now, I'm really excited to go back to school.

Many of you already know my research interests as they pertain to my impending graduate work. I'm really interested in writing a history of alternative models of education and how they have impacted communities of color in Houston. I'm particularly concerned about "successful" programs and their impact on cultural/racial identity.

Well, to pursue this work, it makes most sense for my to get my PhD in United States History. And thus, that's what looks like is gonna happen. So, while I've deepened my engagement in world history over the past few years of teaching the course, I'm really coming in as a blank slate when it comes to US history. Plus, as a discipline, I'm not entirely thrilled (yet) about studying US history. We will see what happens, though. I may end up doing Latin American History, as I've indicated before.

One week until take-off. We have "grad camp" next week for two days. Much of it will involve an indoctrination and induction into the not-so-glamorous world of TAing. Oh, and by the way, I'm gonna be a TA for US History until 1877. That's right: ass-early US history. Whee, I guess.

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July 6th, 2007

10:34 pm - Sicko
Marc and I saw Sicko this evening. Yes: the film is inherently polemical. Yes: the film is classic Moore.

But, it does point out the inherent contradictions between America's supposed democratic values and a health system dominated by free enterprise. Capitalistic medicine really should be a human rights violation. Why are we still the only damn industrialized nation without socialized medicine? Fuck that.

Marc has a chronic heart condition. He went through ass loads of hospitalization and surgeries as a child and a teenager. The film was salt on his emotional and physical wounds. Marc and I really should consider living elsewhere.

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01:09 am - Wheeeeeeee!
Visited with Marc's sisters and brother

Celebrating America's grand tradition of imperialism and conquest

Pop some fireworks in the spirit of environmental consciousness

Marc made some fantastic beans

I farted all night long

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July 2nd, 2007

02:34 pm - Marc is sleeping
Marc is still asleep. It's 2:34pm. We were supposed to get up at 8:00 to go to HCC and deal with his financial aid stuff. Flojo!

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