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The Illustrious World of Dougie

moo for me

moo and a half
19 August 1980
I am a 27 year old white boy. I spent the last four years of my life teaching young folks about radicalism, independing thinking, racism, and homophobia as a modern world history teacher.

I started graduate school (again) in August 2007. I lasted one semester pursuing graduate studies in history. So fucking irrelevant.

So, now I'm back to some real work. I'm pursuing a Doctor of Education in an innovative "Social Education" program at the University of Houston.

I'd move to Mexico if my partner wouldn't freak out about it.

I enjoy reading literary theory without reading the actual literary texts. I also enjoy literary and academic journals since they are segmented into delicious, bite-size morsels. Yum.

My life has been characterized by a series of funky events. I grew up in a loving family that was also quite poor. I am also a child sexual abuse survivor... the person responsible for this will remain in prison for quite a number of more years. Both of these factors have positioned me in such a way that I can draw upon my experiences to reach out to other marginalized students, though their marginalities may be different than mine.

At the same time, I am fully aware of my privilege as a white, educated man. You want change? Do something about it. Now.

Question reality. Question "reality." Question "Truth."