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July 1st, 2007

12:43 pm - Poor, and the weekend...
Marc and I have been sorting through bunches o' crap. See, we are moving into a smaller place, so we must get rid of some items. For example, we have entirely too many pub glasses, mugs, and plates. I also have student work all over the place, and at this point, that is just ridiculous.

We visited with Marc's sisters last night. One of his sisters bought our older, but fairly large TV. She also bought some folding chairs from us. They gossiped, as usual, and we drank a bit.

I have about $30 in the checking out right now, and I don't get paid until the 5th. Luckily, Marc and I have a little cash to deposit, but this whole situation is still ridiculous.

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June 28th, 2007

11:20 pm - The Big Bus Experiment, Phase I
After some compulsory prodding of Marc on my part, we finally got off today (at the astonishingly early departure of 2:00pm) on our bus adventure. My goal was to test certain routes to HCC and UH and to assess their efficiency.

Of course, the suggestions on Metro's trip planner were ridiculous. Ridiculously ineffecient.

Here's the way to go:

(82 or my truck) to Hillcroft Transit Center

163 Fondren Express (DIRECTLY to Mid-town... Woo-hoo) to Lousiana/Smith

Marc goes to school, I catch 42 across Hood-town to UH

Rinse and repeat in reverse.

It was pretty quick to get home in rush hour. 45 minutes. I still think we will just carpool and take the HOV lanes.

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June 27th, 2007

11:36 am - another reason to be disappointed with Houston's public transit
Marc and I have an interesting transportation situation. Marc does not own a vehicle, nor does he drive. Given our increasingly environmentally-conscious decision-making, both of us have been considering the idea of taking Metro to school. Marc's headed to HCC-Central this fall, and I'll be headed to UH. We even found great bus routes (in Houston -- which is a miracle) that would involve us riding together to HCC-Central and then me taking a quick route to UH.

Trust us, we found 'em. We even stayed up all night to drive along all the routes, eat breakfast at Katz's (for which we were overcharged), and came back way ass early the next morning. (We were bored last night.)

Here's how we would do it:

Park my truck at Hillcroft Transit Center (it would take a grand total of 3 minutes to drive there from our new apartment)

Take Fondren Express to Downtown-HCC Station. (It goes DIRECTLY from Hillcroft TC to HCC. No stops. HOV lane all the way. Woo!)

Marc gets off. Bye Marc!

I take 42 to basically the front door of my department building. A few residential stops, but it's still a straight shot.

Rinse and repeat in reverse to go home.

The time to get from our place to HCC? 20, 30 minutes tops. And all the way to UH? 45 minutes TOPS! If even that long.
What is the problem with this? (HTC - Fondren Express - 42)

Well, the 30-day pass is 50 dollars. This would cost Marc and I a combined 100 dollars a month.


Yes. I know gas is expensive. And realistically, it would cost over 100 dollars a month to drive there and back. But, the savings difference is not incentive enough in this case. It seems ridiculous for both of us to shell out 50 dollars a month to take advantage of this option. Because we are not high/middle school students, discount options do not seem to be available. And 50 dollars a month? That IS the discounted rate.

We can carpool together and use the HOV lane to school and back. This means that we sidestep all traffic in my truck just as we would on the bus.


I'm disappointed. I really think 50 dollars a month (100 for both of us) is a little high for the inconvenience. (I would save a marginal amount by not needing to pay for parking on campus, but not much... and I would want to have a parking pass for other times, as well.)

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June 26th, 2007

01:17 am - A Whole Lot of Nothing
After the end-of-year trip, I've done a whole lot of nothing. It's been nice relaxing as much as possible. I know that things will become progressively more stressful as August 20 -- the first day of classes -- approaches.

Of course, there are a few things I *should* be doing, like...

... cleaning the apartment. Marc has already yelled at me 3,298 times for failing to do so.

... reading major works in U.S. and Latin American history.

... inserting my templates into the HIPP notebook.

... clearing junk out of the other closet.


Here's a few major updates since my last substantive entry.

1) Despite some attractive offers in educational management, I've decided to head back to school. I will be pursuing my PhD in history this fall. I still haven't decided if I will specialize in U.S. or Latin American history, but at this precise moment, it seems I will go U.S. and focus on Chicano education.

2) Marc and I have been together well over three years now.

3) Marc and I adopted a min pin. We have a baby. :) His name is Toby. We love Toby.

4) In late July, we are moving into a teeny, tiny studio apartment. Marc is going back to school, and so am I; therefore, we absolutely had to find a cheaper place.

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June 24th, 2007

04:36 pm - Back to LJ Land
I know I've been piss poor about updating my livejournal. But! the juvenile allure of sites like facebook and myspace is waning. So, I'm back... and this time, I promise.

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April 1st, 2007

05:50 pm - University of Houston

I am heading to the University of Houston this fall to begin graduate work toward an M.A. and Ph.D. in United States History.  I am going to be working under Dr. Guadalupe San Miguel, who has done extensive research on the implications of Brown for Houston's Chicano population.

While there, I plan on writing an institutional history of MOO High School.  


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February 12th, 2007

07:47 pm - The interminable wait...

Grad school application update:

I haven't heard a damn word from any of the schools yet.  Well, I did get a "your app is complete" e-mail from two of them awhile back... but that's it.


And I've become ridiculously neurotic about the wait...

I check my e-mail, like, 400 times a day.  And, of course, I check the "status" page, like, 800 times a day for the schools that have one.



"Awaiting decision."


I know that my neuroticism only makes the situation worse, but I can't seem to help it.  GAH!

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July 15th, 2006

11:38 am - Blog
I really need to start blogging again. Poo.

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June 18th, 2006

09:07 pm - Nuestro Himno
I have decided that I, indeed, actually like the lyrics and arrangement of Nuestro Himno -- the "Spanish version" of the National Anthem that caused such an uproar several months ago.

It interests me that some conservatives are so hell-bent about the English language. The English language is no more part of my heritage than German and Cherokee.

"This land" / "our land" / "our heritage" implies a homogenous culture that, as far as I know, has never been the basis of American society. It also implies that the area the United States now occupies has belonged to "us" (whatever "us" means) since the beginning of time. Interestingly, our legacy of imperialism is seen as glorious by some of the same conservatives that damn Nuestro Himno.

Amanece: ¿lo véis a la luz de la aurora
Lo que tanto aclamamos la noche al caer?
sus estrellas, sus franjas flotaban ayer,
en el fiero combate en señal de victoria.

Fulgor de lucha, al paso de la libertad,
por la noche decían: «¡Se va defendiendo!»
¡Oh, decid! ¿Despliega aún su hermosura estrellada,
sobre tierra de libres, la bandera sagrada?

Sus estrellas, sus franjas, la libertad, somos iguales.
Somos hermanos, es nuestro himno.
En el fiero combate, en señal de victoria,
fulgor de lucha (Mi gente sigue luchando.)
al paso de la libertad (¡Ya es tiempo de romper las cadenas!)

Por la noche decían: «¡Se va defendiendo!»
¡Oh, decid! ¿Despliega aún su hermosura estrellada,
sobre tierra de libres, la bandera sagrada?

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June 4th, 2006

01:43 pm - packing, finally
I finally...

began packing for the Florida trip.  Of course, I am supposed to be at MOO in 2-and-a-half hours.  It least it's not one hour beforehand.

I am thinking of getting a few journals from Borders before I leave.

This will, YAY!, be my first time to visit Florida.

Off to the MOO Sophomore Floridian World Showcase.


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